Before and After Endovenous Laser TherapyNearly 30 million Americans suffer from venous disease – a chronic and potentially debilitating condition where the vein walls and valves weaken, resulting in disruption of normal flow. As a result, blood can be static or even flow backward. This results in increased pressure in veins causing even more stretching and swelling of the veins. People with venous insufficiency can have one or several different symptoms:



1. Heavy/achy legs

2. Restless legs

3. Cramping

4. Edema

Stretching and swelling of insufficient veins ultimately results in Before and After Endovenous Laser Therapyvaricose and spider veins. Frequently, static blood flow results in mild or severe pigment changes or discoloration. In the most severe cases people can even get skin breakdown and ulceration.

Venous insufficiency is treatable and covered by most health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Before and After Endovenous Laser TherapyIf not treated vein disease often gets worse with time. More importantly, venous disease can impact your quality of life. At High Desert Vein Centers we take your lifestyle, health, and overall well-being seriously. Our goal is to treat you as a whole person and not your venous disease alone. We want to make you look and feel better.