For Large Vein Problems:

If you have varicose veins, be sure your doctor does a comprehensive Duplex (color flow) ultrasound examination to determine the source of the problem. At High Desert Vein Centers ultrasound examinations are carried out in controlled environments using state of the art equipment with dedicated venous pressure cuffs to evaluate vein-valve function.

Most minimally invasive treatments for large vein problems can and should be done under local anesthesia. Please ensure your doctor offers this option.

If you are having an endovenous procedure (EVLT, VenaCure, or VNUS), who will be doing the procedure and where will it be performed? The most experienced physicians with catheter techniques are interventional radiologists.

Please ensure your doctor has experience and is utilizing state of the art equipment for treatment of your venous disease. At High Desert Vein Centers, physicians are experienced in use of the most advanced endovenous laser techniques currently available.


For Small Vein Problems:

If you have spider veins, does the doctor look for the source of the abnormal veins?

Without treatment of the source, spider veins will recur with time. Endovenous laser therapy is often not the best option for treatment of spider veins and sclerotherapy should be considered. If your doctor offers only laser therapy, be prepared for mediocre results.

Who does the injections or the laser treatment of spider veins?

Physician treatment is the best. Please discuss who will be administering injections with your doctor. At High Desert Vein Centers, all injections are performed by board certified physicians.

Do you have questions about the services that we offer?

Please feel free to call our office if you need additional information or have any questions about vein care. We are always pleased to assist you.